Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'll adopt you'r baby

Today at work I pulled a very gutsy move..A girl was talking about aborting her baby. I showed her the video with her friend she was a catholic girl. She was freaking out saying how that is torture to the child yet after the video was over she said I need to do this before the baby is to far along I told her that the baby is already here. She then asked me what will she do with the child. I told her "I would adopt your baby" She began crying hysterically on the couch and literally put her face into the arm and just laid down and had a massive crying session. I believe this was out of surprise and the love they received when they went in there. Love always wins. We then began to talk about the bible. And how child sacrifice and murder is the same as an abortion. They asked me if I thought she'd go to hell. I told her I do believe there is forgiveness but If you were to go through with it knowing it's wrong and knowing you'r killing your child you are basically spitting in God's face and his love. She left with a mind changed :) keep on praying!!

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