Thursday, December 11, 2014


Today has been one of those days when everything seems to be on the wrong side. The office was as slow as dead, so I spent my day reading a manual we have at the office and watching a couple DVDs about abortion.
At four, when I had lost every hope of having anyone coming, a girl showed up. She came with her husband, they we both Jewish and this could be said just by looking at them. He was dressed in a black suit with white shirt, no tie, a high hat and a beard. In Spain we don’t see this kind of things, as there are very little Jewish people. I asked the man to wait in the entrance and I went into the room with the lady.
She was 26 years old and they had been married for a year, she has had 2 miscarriages and was worried that anything could be wrong with the pregnancy.
The amazing thing about all of this is that when I asked what was she planning to do with the pregnancy, she said: “Keep it of course! What else could we do?”

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