Saturday, December 13, 2014

Farewell New York

          I arrived New York two months ago. I came for helping mothers, I don't know if I have done everything I could, but I am proud of having worked in EMC. I remember my first day in EMC, I dindn't imagine that abortion was a problem so important in The United States of America. I have talked with a lot of girls, they always want to have an abortion because they are alone or they haven't got money, most of them are very young. This is the real situation.

          I always have been pro-life, but I didn't know the size of this problem till I came to New York. I will never forget New York. Thank you very much to EMC Team. I am proud of have belonged to it. I hope EMC keep working defending the life, I only can pray for them, but I will come back if I could.

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