Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mary Chose Life!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!

     Since working here I have dealt with many mothers who have not wanted to choose life. Jesus was not rich financially he was born in a stable in strips of cloth. Not even full clothing but strips..His mother surely did what she could for him. God does provide even for the poorest of people. Life is not promised to be easy. But it is manageable. While we are on this earth we are storing up treasures in heaven. Maybe some storing up more troubles in hell. Jesus was born this day for a chance for us to have a new birth. That is why Christmas is my favorite holiday. Jesus was truly a gift. Even though he was born in a manger with manure and straw all around him. These other children are also consider gifts. While i was riding with Chris a woman wanted to schedule an appointment for an abortion on Christmas, This truly burdened my heart. You can never know ahead of time what your children may do one day. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

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