Sunday, December 7, 2014

Step by step.

Every day we go to the EMC office with renewed illusion to know what amazing story we´ll discover that day, and who can receive our help.

Two days ago we went to Planned Parenthood (I´ll talk about it coming soon) and after that to Brooklyn office. I was thinking about leaving when a group of four young girls arrived. One of them had been in the Bronx Office looking for an abortion. She came to do a sonogram, she was pregnant, twenty three weeks.  I thought after that she´ll change the opinion. Perhaps she was nervous, maybe she didn´t understand the situation, but she kept the same opinion in spite of had a baby with five month and a half on her belly. 

Finally after a long conversation she decide to come back another day, maybe she ´ll realize the situation, she is pregnant and she has a baby with feelings that will born in three months.

When she was leaving, her cousin ask me, “can I do a pregnancy test?” How much is it?” Of course, you can and is totally free. 

(To be continued).

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