Sunday, December 29, 2013


Because it is a life...

Because he has a future.

Because it is your own blood.

Because he is waiting for you.

Because you are waiting for him.

Because he is your family.

Because he can became the person you never imagine.

Because any reward carries an effort.

Because the more you give, the more you are given.

Because it's not the business of others, just yours.

Because he needs you and you will need him.

Because you are the only one who can give him a chance.

Because you know how to do it.

Because it is his choice.

Because we are always here with you.

Because neither material things, only he will bring you happiness.

Because you deserve it.

Because you will never find someone like him.

Because it is always the right moment for giving life.

Because you will never repent of keeping it.

Because when you give you receive the best part.

Because your baby loves you.

Because he lives with you.

Because he shares your sorrows and joys.

Because he feels you.

Because he may be the one who will change this World.

Because material things will be gone but him will stay whatever happens.

Because everything comes and goes, but not him.

Because he has his own name.

Because you can talk to him.

Because he listens to you.

Because you are always prepared for it.

Because you have other alternatives.

Because he is waiting to meet you soon.

Because you are not alone.

Because he will thank your generosity.

Because circumstances may change.

Because the effort is worthy.

Because you have to risk to win.

Because God only thought in you to be the mother for this unique child in the whole world.

Because you have an advantage: "the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph."

Because it is love. Because it is A Life.

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