Friday, December 20, 2013


In Baltimore we have meet a nice couple. He is a good man and we can say this because we passed time with him. Moreover, because he is friend of one excellent person. She is one fighter and nice woman.

She lost her baby two years ago, on August. She was sad and passed bad times. However during a dinner she was happy and said us something. ¨We are very happy because we are waiting a baby¨ She is pregnant. We could see her very gratefully.

Two days ago she sent us the first picture of her Baby. We are very happy for them. And she said us, ¨My baby will born on August, the same month when I lost my baby. I´m gratefull to God for this gift, this is a godsend. God has given me the baby that I lost on the same month¨.

God bless them!

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