Saturday, December 28, 2013

An unborn. Part 1

She came into the office. She wanted to take a pregnancy test so I gave it to her. She took it and it came negative. However it was too early... She left the office after having a nice conversation and some fun. She was so sweet. And she asked me if I would stay at that office for the next time.

Some days later I texted her: "how are you? Would you like to take a second pregnancy test today?". She answered she will and she came in that afternoon after college classes.

She came in as she said and this second test came positive.

She cried.

She was crying and made some calls and was crying again. But she remained in our room, it looked like she wanted to talk to us. We had a very nice conversation again. She seemed to be more relax... She would not have any place to stay in if her family noticed about her pregnancy. Also her boyfriend would abandon her if she kept it, she felt so alone... She knew she had a baby, her own baby! inside her and she knew it was crazy to abort him, to kill him...

Mary entered in the room. We all together had a new conversation. We started to call to shelters and other similar places and we got it! They had a room that night for her for the time she needed to stay in.

Now she felt some hope and her face was dry... She had some smile but the hard situation, it still frightened to her. It was very hard. No support from her boyfriend, nor from her family... Lonely...

Mary showed her a image about a fetus. There was a sentence: "You are precious to God eyes". And she smiled again.

We talked about God. Also we gave to her the contact of Sisters of Life who also have place for pregnant women to stay in.

She sighed for first time after lots of drops in her eyes.

- Would you like we accompany you to the church close here?

She said "yes" with a head movement.

We went with her to the church. There, we introduce her to the priest who gave her a blessing to her and to the baby.

When we got out the church it was almost dark. I remember her face in that moment: a face full of peace. And her last words: "Thank you for accompany me to the church".

The next step was to facing the situation front her family... We prayed to get comprehension and support from her family. And she left that afternoon.


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