Friday, December 27, 2013

The first step

It has passed just a couple of weeks that I left my internship. Right now it comes to my mind the first day... I arrived exactly to NYC at noon. It was a quiet flight but the first thing I wanted to do when the plane landed was to get home there, leave my luggage and rest for a while. However, it was not like that...

The first thing I did when we arrived was to get to the office. We were told some things about the way of working there. Then we met María and another woman who was working there as well. They were very kind. They showed us the office, they told us about their work that day... Actually it was very busy that day. They taught us how counseling women, how to help them with some movies, information and mostly how to care of them in several different situations.

But I was still thinking in my nap... However, in that moment I learnt something: these two people had been very busy that day and, even they were tired they kept the energy to bring a new smile to the next woman coming that afternoon. Here, I learnt that the first step is forgetting one self, even in the tiredness in order to give back to others. My attitude would be very important in my work and these two people taught us the most important thing: their very good attitude and disposition.

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