Sunday, December 29, 2013


Confidence! Believe! 

This week came one woman with her boyfriend. When I saw her, I thought that I had seen this woman in the past in one EMC office. We greet us. I said "Can I help you?". 

And she said me of course. "I was here other day but today I am because I need make me other pregnancy test. one more because he, my boyfriend, doesn't believe that I am pregnant". 

Her boyfriend didn't say nothing, he only listens his music. They weren't happy, they hadn't confidence. They didn't believe in themselves. 

She made her new pregnancy test, and this was positive. She is pregnant. She is happy for this, She finished her studies and she works. She wants fight for her baby, for her future, for her boyfriend. However again is the boyfriend who doesn't fight. 

Usually I can see how the boyfriends are selfish, and how they don't want assume their responsibility.

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