Saturday, December 28, 2013


This week I could repeat blog. I say this because the histories in EMC, they are repeating. Yes! the good histories are repeating! 

This week one woman came to the Queens office. We greet us. However I saw that this woman passed the door with different attitude, her eyes and her face were saying something different. 

I could see that she is a happy woman. 

Her attitude was different that the other women that entered. She had not the same problems that other women when they pass that door. Moreover she came with her baby! 

I only wanted know why she pulled the door bell. I was feeling that the history was repeating. And really it was. She came with her baby because she wanted greet the woman that two years ago changed her life. The woman that listened her problems and the woman that told her that she could have alternatives to abortion. 

                                                     She was grateful! 

This things do that you believe, that you feel useful. Now I am just trying to find that woman . I know if she receive this message, this greeting, this thank, all this will make that she will be very happy.

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