Saturday, December 28, 2013

"We are always busy"

At the beginning, I thought there were times that we had no work to do at the office unless any woman come into the offices.

However, if you come to work here with us, you will verify that's not true at all. Here: four little things that will last all your "free" time:

1. Firstly, Formation. You will find lots of documentals and movies about abortion procedures, fetus developement, pregnancy health, ideologies behind abortion, feminism and racism, testimonies, etc. All of this will provide you of a good knowledge about women, pregnancy, health, etc. that will be very useful in your next day working with women as volunteer.

2. List of words. You can take any book, dictionary from the office in order to create your own list of the most important words and the technicalities that will help you to express your current knowledge on pregnancy and abortion.

3. Telephone. You can answer some calls if women are in contact with you by phone or you may be brave and take your phone to make some calls or send some texts to women who have already visited you before; ask simply them how they feel that day, if she needs any kind of help or just to say hello or wish them a happy birthday or a Merry Christmas! :)

4. Experiences. Regarding to your experience, you may dedicate some time to write down your impressions so that others may know them and they can take the chance to do the same some day.

Moreover we should do these things, even when women come to the offices due to these things are the basis of a good result in our internship.

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