Friday, December 27, 2013

What we don't know

Some things have surprised me from the clinics:

Saturday.- I was sent to a clinic. There were two main doors: the entrance and the exit. The doors were not in the same front. I guess, this is because when women get out from the clinic, they are usually crying or sad. That's not good for the image of the clinic. Also, if a woman sees other woman who is getting out sad and crying, it's probably she will think about entering once again...

Also, it's very interesting when you are in front of a clinic that does abortions and at the same time the outside advertisement is about families, kids smiling and children holding the hand of their mothers.

It surprised to me when I saw for first time "Planned Parenthood" and I heard that the original name was "Birth Control" that remind the ideologies that want to control the population in the world, concretly, the population of black and hispanics races. Why do they hide the original name and try to approach to any word that reminds to "family", "parenthood"...?

Why they ask to every woman to throw down to the can the flyers we gave to them? They think about freedom, but the women that entered were not so free...: They could never read about other choices...

And the most surprising thing: despite all of this, that Saturday, a woman who came out from the back door of the clinic was assisted to have an adoption plan, her baby was born. A young couple found a hope in their decision about her pregnancy. They didn't know about other alternatives before. A woman was sent to a office and the same day she was assisted. Many women have found a real solution and their babies have had a new chance of life.

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