Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Is the abortion one of the contraceptive methods?

When I was in Spain and my first weeks here, I supposed, that if I make for many people this question, the answer of them, it would been no. 

However during this time in EMC, and with my experiences about different case. Really I don´t know if I have changed my opinion about this. I want say that if now, and here, if I make the question, I don´t know which would be the answer.

When a person meets with different women that they have had three or two abortions and  they are looking their next. It easy think that their answer is yes. Yes, the abortion is one contraceptive method. That young women enter to the EMC office with two o three abortion in the past, all this wants say that there is a big problem with their sexual education. 

You can know this or read about these problems. However when you are seeing this near, impresses and startles.

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