Friday, December 27, 2013


The internship is very nice because every day we go to different offices or clinics so you never get bored! Also in every place you find different ways of work, different interns, workers and mostly different kind of women who come to have an appointment; they are from different places, races, religions, cultures, countries, education, etc.  

It's true that it is very significant that the majority of them have a similar profile, for example, they don't use to be very educated people in the sense they have not finished their studies or they haven't even studied any kind of school. Also they usually don't know about how their body works, even if they are pregnant or have been pregnant before. They get surprised when they watch any movie about the procedures of abortion or when they learn new things about their pregnancy or about how their baby is, its size, etc.

We also learn a lot through them. Each one is so different that they have very different stories of their lifes and that is something very new every day in our work!

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