Wednesday, December 18, 2013



EMC is not only in NY. And for this reason, we (Belia and Javi) have had the opportunity of help many women in this city. It was a great experience. All in Baltimore was a great experience. Since the first day moment when we met S.P.  The man who take us in his home. He is an excellent man and we want send him a big greeting from here . We are very grateful for this time with him.

Baltimore is nice and has a great port and nice buildings and the best aquarium of EEUU. But there is a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and usually we went to talk with the women that wanted to enter to this clinic. And we had  nice experience with these women that went to EMC office in the port.

They changed their opinion!

Also we met with J and J, they are good pro-life, fighters men and tireless. Moreover we were with them in two busy and cold winter days.

Furthermore we are very happy because we could meet with many friends of S.P. They are nice persons and they helped us a lot. Always we will have an unbeatable memory. 

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