Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Visiting Friends Save Lives

Over the New Year I was blessed to have some friends visit from back home in Michigan. They were interested in the work we do here and came to see it in action. They wanted to learn about the counseling, pro-life work on the frontlines, and see the sights in NYC. They came eager, energetic, and hopeful. They were open to anything and simply wanted to help out. But this isn't just any good work that we are doing; when we go to work lives get saved. Just as actually as if they had pushed someone out of the way of a stray taxi on the busy streets of NYC, they went to help at our centers and they came away having saved the life of at least one child.
A vacation that changes lives, a trip that yields a whole lot more than good pictures (and there were some pretty good pictures!). It was such a joy to have them here and they have made a difference that will last a lifetime (at least one more than expected, in fact).

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