Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two friends sticking together

        About two days ago we received 2 clients; one was 14 and the other was 15. They both came in to our Brooklyn office looking for another alternative aside from abortion. The Brooklyn director asked me to talk to both of them while she took cared of another client. Both of them seemed sad and confused, both Freshmen's in high school. One of them had previously been pregnant but had been forced by her mom to have an abortion; and after going through that the first time she didn't want to do it again.
         I asked them what their dreams were and what they liked to do, both of them were dreaming big but coming from the life they had, their dreams to them seemed impossible. They both just wanted to feel loved and wanted some inspiration and as our Director is used to doing and is great at, she became that friend that they both needed. Both of them had each other and still felt alone and confused.
        Talking to them I noticed that as we all do, they also wanted to feel loved but unfortunately were looking in the wrong places; I made sure they left that day knowing how amazing they are and how one day they will be professionals changing the world. They both cried because they felt their lives were over but as I told them, the sun always rises; that is God's way of letting us know that we get the blessing of getting a fresh beginning!!!

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