Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pro-Lifers encouraged to spread word about new film

In an article in Life Site News titled, "Pro-life movie 'Doonby' is big on heart, low on preaching", pro-lifers are encouraged to view and spread word to others to view this movie with a unique view on the culture of life.  The emphasis of the movie is that each individual life is beautiful in its own way.  The makers of the movie are reluctant to "preach" so much as to swayed its viewers to see the value of each human life.

Though it is a low-budget film, and some of the actors are said to "less-than-perfect" in their acting skills, the overall of the movie is profitable to the human person.  "Sam Doonby", acted by John Schneider, is a drifter who moves to a quiet town in Texas and quickly lands a job as a bar tender.  He moves his way into the lives and hearts of those he encounters throughout the movie.  It is different than most pro-life movies in the sense that the actual word "abortion" is not even mentioned until the final scenes of the movie.  However, the movie is said to still have a profound message concerning the dignity of human life from the "womb to the tomb".

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