Thursday, January 19, 2012

Abortion Clinic Loses Client to Pro-Lifers

A very special type of save happened recently at Dr. Emily when I noticed a girl leaving the clinic. Luckily it was at a time of day when I realized she probably did not have an abortion.

She did, however, have an appointment for one. By the time she came out however, she was pretty sure she did not want one.

This is why any sort of pro-life presence and outreach (where women are reasonably approached) is so important at the abortion mills - I didn't necessarily have to convince her to keep her baby in this case, I just had to confirm her in her decision to keep.

I think that it is often assumed by pro-lifers and pro-choicers that every single woman walking into a clinic is completely decided on what they are going to do - this is not true. Many women will leave on there own (likely with the help of other peoples' prayers), but then what do they do?

So instead of leaving alone and still uncertain, the fact I was able to talk to her, offer her an ultrasound (she was 16 weeks!), and commit to continuing support, allowed her to leave very happy and positive. I believe anyone can do what I did as long as they have a little knowledge about their local pro-life crises pregnancy center.

Of course there is some developed craft in learning how to approach women and talk to them, but people need to realize that many want to be talked to - especially in places like New York City where abortion is so easy to obtain that many do not thoroughly consider all of the options before making a decision.

I will write more about our specific conversation and how truly heroic this young woman is in a later post, I just wanted for this post to make clear that sidewalk counseling isn't necessarily as adversarial as some think, and to encourage others to think about making to the abortion clinic in a peaceful and prayerful presence.

Forty days for life is coming up - why not come us and help us out at Dr. Emily?

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