Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just One Pill

    The RU-486, more commonly known as the "Abortion Pill", consists of  two pills. The first pill which is the one that kills the baby, works by blocking the hormone progesterone in the females body which in turn stop the baby from getting its nutrients. The second pill expels the baby and lining out of the body.

   The building our Brooklyn center is in actually has two abortion facilities also located there, including a planned parenthood. This however brings us many woman who may have been planning on an abortion but by divine intervention brings them to us instead.

   Today the director of the center caught a woman in the elevator leaving planned parenthood. She convinced her to come up and talk to us and we gave her an ultrasound. After seeing the ultrasound and talking awhile we could tell she started to soften and become emotional. She had already taken the first pill, the pill that kills the baby. She said to our director "If i had only met you an hour earlier". This decision was made to fix her temporary situation and now her life is forever changed. All it took was ONE PILL, one action that she can never undo. 

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