Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mommy, Meet Your Baby!

      Everytime I witness a mother seeing her new baby for the first time I get emotional. Depending on the clients situation the reaction is always different for her. Sometimes the women are nervous, sometimes they are excited, and sometimes they cry too. It can be such a bonding moment between the mother and her baby, and one I feel plays a very important role in the prolife movement.
     Often times a woman doesnt realize that what's growing inside of her actually LOOKS like a tiny human being. And sometimes it isnt until she sees her baby on the screen in front of her that she decides she wants to be a mother. It doesnt mean every doubt, fear, or burden is erased. It just means that all of the fears and burdens suddenly seem worth it.
     The moment a mommy feels an emotional bond with her baby is so incredibly precious and being able to see that almost everyday is such a gratifying and awesome experience. And the reason that baby looks like tiny human being is because thats EXACTLY what it is.


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