Friday, January 13, 2012

Not everyone is doing it!!!!!!!!!

        While in our Queens office we've gotten clients who believe they are pregnant but whose pregnancy test come out negative; Aside from their relief and our happiness for them we use that chance to have a heart to heart conversation about abstinence.
         To my shock, all of our clients that I talk to tell me that they have sexual relationship outside of marriage because that is what's "normal" and because "everyone is doing it". These are teenagers who have not been told otherwise!. I talk to them about what abstinence is and how sex at a young age will change your their life!
         Most of our clients have never or rarely been told how amazing they are and how God created each and everyone of us for a purpose. They tell me that all they want is to be loved and to feel accepted! I inform them of how only they can decide what will happen in their life, who they will be and what they choose to do or not do! and tell them that what they can do is the skies the limit! And of course, how not everyone is doing it and that make them realize that they rather be one in a million than one of the million!

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