Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If All She Wants Is More Space ?

I had a client come in Manhattan this week who is in her second trimester.

She has 2 kids and works a full time job.

The father, also her boyfriend, is there. He is very supportive.

She said that she wants an abortion because there is no space for her, the new baby, and her other 2 kids.

She feels overwhelmed waking up in the morning with one child in her bed while the other one sleeps in a corner of the room. All of her belongings are in a pile that takes up a big portion of the room.

She cried when I answered her question of what the baby might look like based on how many weeks she is. I showed her the baby model. At one point she said she couldn't go through with it.

Her and her boyfriend actually came back, without making an appointment, to our office and told me she still wanted the abortion. She finally agreed to go get a sonogram done in Queens. Please pray for this case.

If all she wants is more space? 

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