Sunday, January 1, 2012

Baby Saved In New Jersey !

We have a center in Jersey City where I go to counsel girls. It's quite a distance coming from N.Y.C 's transit system. But it's well worth the effort, and here's why:

Last month I had a client come in who is pregnant. She was seeking to get an abortion. She brought her 2 sisters in with her for support. She already has children, and now is expecting another.

Her boyfriend is very supportive. He works over 50 hours a week to support her and the children. She has never had an abortion before, but thinks she can't handle the extra stress of finances.

At one point during the consultation I asked her, "what is your heart telling you ?" She responded, "I don't really want to get the abortion, but I think I need to."

Next, I showed her what babies look like when they are at 6 , 7, and 8 weeks developed. It's something she can look up online, but I had the models there in front of me. As soon as I showed her the baby models, tears appeared in her eyes. I saw her opinion and thoughts starting to shift. She left my office that day still undecided.

I followed up with her over Christmas to find that she is going to keep her baby ! She informed us that she needs diapers for her 4 month old so we are bringing her bunches of them next week. 

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