Friday, January 20, 2012

Give Love a Chance - Baby Saved from Abortion

In a previous post I spoke about how this woman who you see smiling left the abortion mill thinking she would keep her baby, but it was only after she spoke to us that she was truly excited to keep her baby.

Her situation is quite difficult - although her boyfriend is a hard worker and wanted her to keep the baby from the beginning she was unsure and feeling quite negative. She currently lives in a shelter with her one year old son and was not planning on another child - to say the least.

She is a churchgoing woman and so she always had moral reservations about abortion, but as we spoke she realized that her morals were in fact more important than any sort of plan that she may have had, and that even though plans must be adjusted, life does not end.

While she was getting our ultrasound on our mini-bus she became overjoyed. She took pictures of the 16 week   baby and immediately sent them to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, who I had the chance to talk to on the phone, was also excited. We probably spoke for about 45 minutes, exchanged contacts, and promised to keep in touch.

The most memorable moment for me however was when, without any sort of prying she told me that she was, "Gonna give love a chance," which was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard from a woman in such a situation.

Many times people will ask me what sort of things I say to the (abortion minded) women - well once you've become acquainted with a few life-choosers, they'll often provide you with the perfect thing to say to others.

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