Thursday, October 9, 2014


I arrived to New York on October 3rd, so I’m new in the City! I have been working three days now and I have to say this is Amazing!

For now I am just learning how to work at EMC. It is a gratifying job, though it’s also very exhausting.  Each day is new and different. New faces, new problems, new excuses to ask for abortion. Here, I am being able to see and know things which I have never seen, help people who I would never have imagined. Every day I get to laugh and cry with clients and thank God, since day one, at least one mom has decided to keep the baby each day I have been working.

Yesterday a mom came in wanting to keep the baby, she thought she was 4 weeks pregnant, but, when we did a sonogram, it turned out she was 13 weeks far, and expecting twins!! Lord has his own ways!

When day ends I make a prayer list with the names of the moms who have come in, starting from those who want an abortion no matter what, then the ones who are undecided and finally those who want to keep the baby. For now, my prayer list is 3,4,3, so help me pray for them!

TY guys!

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