Sunday, October 26, 2014

mocking J

In Queens handing out flyers to women outside of an abortion mill. There was some feedback including a few hispanic men who stood in the doorway mockingly while they're girlfriend's were inside. One proceded to look at me point at me then inside and then put his thumb to his throat and made a motion of slitting his throat. He then proceded to smile and laugh. I could not understand what they were saying simply because what they were saying was in spanish. However many flyers were handed out and some girls smiled and said muchas gracias to me, which simply means thank you very much. I pray that these newspapers that were handed out to some of these women prevented an abortion as well as raising some awareness. Please continue to pray for the end of abortion!!! As well as a softening of heart in these women and men and a conviction that will strike them so hard they cannot go through with an abortion. I also realize Jesus was mocked and persecuted in his acts and for righteousness sake and the bible says blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake. The title of this is mocking J simply as a symbol of mocking Jesus. He also said remember if the world hated you remember it has hated me first. I believe firmly these men were mocking me because they know what they were doing was wrong and they wanted to ignore it and make themselves feel better while assisting they're girlfriends in having an abortion.

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