Friday, October 10, 2014

students for life!!!! and interns ;)

 Me and a couple girls from the students for life ministry. we had great talks with many strangers and students right outside washington park near NYU. We had great dialogue through what this lady to the left of me calls common grounds she uses rape. Which almost everyone agree's is wrong, to get into the subject of who is victimized by the rape? the woman? the baby? the man? well there are many different scenarios. however whenever a baby is aborted it is in fact a victim in the hands of the mother. regardless. the baby did not ask to be here. however it didnt ask to be aborted either. the most loving thing a mother could do is choose life for her baby. The safest place for the child is supposed to be in the womb. In fact this womans father was conceived in rape and she loves her grandmommy and her loves them dearly! 

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