Monday, October 20, 2014


A girl comes into the office, she wants to abort and seems like a good girl, innocent. Her Mother comes with her, she is rude, and she is staring at me angrily. I want to talk to the girl alone so I ask her opinion about that, she says Okay, and comes with me into the office but the mother does not want to wait in the waiting room and comes in.

The mother asks when is her daughter going to have the abortion, I explain her that we have to know first how long is she pregnant and I try to speak to the daughter, she does not allow  her daughter to speak. I go on and I try to show them the video. The mother refuses to allow her daughter to watch it. I explain them the different side effects of an abortion, and about the breast cancer what the mother says is, "My mother and I had both breast cancer so she is going to have it anyway..."

They stand up and walk away.

It is amazing how a mother does not care about her daughters health... That should be also the reason why she does not care about killing her granddaughter.

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