Thursday, October 23, 2014

Attack the gates of hell

My mentor Gary Leber came up from Binghamton, New York. He has been such a great mentor to me these last few years. In fact if it wasn't for him i would'nt even know what abortion is. We are from a church originally known aas pierce creek church which later made the transition into "The Landmark Church" after having moved into downtown Binghamton. He has taught me so much. In fact Randall Terry came from our church and Gary worked with him for many years in Operation Rescue. It was tragic to hear of what had happened. However the cause and the fight for the rights of those who are unborn and would otherwise have no voice continues to press on!!! I have decided that until abortion ceases to exist from this nation or until I die I will not stop fighting against it. The cause must continue. Satan will stop at nothing to stop us. So we must meet him with Jesus by our side at the gates of hell. The abortion clinic. I'm convinced when they see us they see a little piece of Jesus. If we were not on the battlefield the devil would just march through with his plans. Obviously our plans are to thwart his! And God has been I know that 100's of abortion clinics have closed across America have shut down. Many worker's have quit. God's side is the winning side and his truth is marching on!!

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