Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My first victory

Hi everybody!
    My name is Agustín, I’m from Spain and I have been living here for a week. I love this city. New York has lot of good thing, it has whatever you want, shops, theatres, parks, etc… But in Spain we say “No es oro todo lo que reluce”, it does mean that although New York is a very nice place it has bad things too, so I’m here because I want to help this city in one of its worst problems, ABORTION. Now I’m working in EMC, and I’m proud of that.
    Yesterday I was with a woman, I will call her Miss X. She has two sons and she is pregnant again. She told me that she couldn’t have another baby because she had not enough money. When we finished our conversation her decision was clear, abortion. I was very sad, but after she saw the sonogram she changed her decision. Nothing is better for a mother that seeing and hearing her baby. Thank you very much Miss X.

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