Thursday, October 16, 2014


When a girl comes into the office, one of the first things we do is fill a form with them. While filling that form we have the opportunity to create a bond through questions, looking for similarities between us, and making her know about them. On some point through the form/counseling, we ask if she belongs to any religion, is baptized and if she attends services. To my surprise, most girls DO BELIEVE IN GOD, in A God who has different names. For the girl who came yesterday, His name is Allah.

She came in with her husband and youngest son, who is 8 months. They are both Muslims, he wanted to keep the baby, she wanted an abortion. During counseling we spoke about her reasons for wanting an abortion (too many kids, she doesn’t want more) and somehow we ended up taking about God and how He loves each of us, even the unborned baby, and about Him not giving us any more than we can chew. After a long chat and the video we show about abortion procedures, she started to get cold feet. She is coming back today for a sonogram and to tell us what her decision is.
I am praying to God to welcome a new Muslim to the world. 

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