Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two Pregnant Sisters Looking For Abortion Decide To Keep!!!

I had two sisters show up saturday for an abortion..I had been counseling them both they wanted to stay together the whole time. Originally the older sister showed up just for the pill. I had talked with her about the father and her parents they're parents are very unsupportive. Anyways back to the one girl she was saying how she couldnt bring a baby into the world she wasnt gonna be able to help or support. I then told her this baby is already in the world just because it is in your belly doesnt mean its not here. ?Her younger sister then walked in and was like you know you cant raise the baby.  The older sister talked to her younger sister about our discussion i showed them the video. The younger sister said I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant too. So I gave her a pregnancy test it was positive!!! She said "I was actually going to get the pill if i was pregnant but now I  can't" I had her fill out the form they want to come to EMC for prenatal care and we set up appointments for sonograms they left the clinic laughing and excited!! Theyre faces were glowing. I thank God for the ways he is using me. It seems unreal and it is an honor. Please keep the sisters in your prayers.The two sisters are in the middle the younger is the one holding the pregnancy test!

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Lori Martin said...

I happy to say these sister's on this made us happy because, we wasn't expecting anyone to show up. I'm happy to say they are doing great with due dates a day apart and I'm the one who took the picture. They are still happy and glowing