Sunday, October 26, 2014

A baby is not a problem, is a gift...a

           Last week I was talking with a girl in the Queens' office . After talking about her life I asked her why she was in our office and she said: "I have a problem, I am pregnant". This is the real situation, nowadays a lot of women think that having a baby is a problem, because: "it is expensive"," it was not on my plans", "I am not ready to become a mother".

            A person who I love was pregnant five years ago. A lot of people told her "have an abortion, that is not a person yet". Well, she told that she couldn't do it. Nine months later a beautiful baby called Valentina was born. Now that woman says that not only her daughter is not a problem, but she is the best thing in her life. I know that new things frighten us, but don't forget that the best discoverers in our history were not cowards.

Wouldn't you consider this a gift?

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