Sunday, October 26, 2014


Most girls who come to us have laid their trust on lies, they believe that nothing is wrong with wanting an abortion and that abortion is just another birth control option, but it is not!!
The abortion rate in NYC is very high, and the guilt of this is shared. First part belongs to history and associations who get to possess millions of dollars thanks to legal murder. Second part of guilt belong to boys, girls and families who decide to believe in the lie they have been told. Nevertheless, the principal responsibility “lies” on laws and government who feed on the biggest lie to gain votes and get power to do whatever they want to.

With each girl I have been talking to for the past three weeks, I have noticed that a bond has to be built in order to break through their believes and plant the seed of doubt. The problem of this is that the bond is so new and so weak (at least at the beginning) that any discovery can break it, a misunderstanding, or a lie.

Saving lives doesn´t justify using wrong methods, that’s why we need prayers and your help, because sometimes is difficult to remember that the devil hides in the places where more good it’s been done.

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