Friday, September 5, 2014

"The Courage of this Army..."

So, my time has come to an end with this internship. Within the past two months I have encountered some of the toughest and most challenging experineces of my life, but it has been both a blessing and a privelige to be given the opportunity to work with these women, and to witness them encounter God's love for them and the tiny life growing within them. 

This might be the end of my internship, but its not the end of my call to be a witness to life. We are all called to recognise the dignity of life, from conception to natural death. I have always identified myself as being pro-life, but this summer has really solidified this for me. 

Some of the most poignant experiences of my time in NYC included being present in the sonogram rooms as women saw their babies for the first time. Seeing the flutter of the heart, hearing the sound of the heart beat, and watching the baby move really brought home how much this movement needs people to be witnesses to the pro-life cause. Abortion STOPS a beating heart. 

Whilst visiting the Valley Forge National Park in Pennslyvannia, after completing my internship, I  came across a quote by America's beloved, George Washington. 

I thought this quote from the 18th century still resonated with society today. As a pro-life army, we are called to spread the message of God's love and the dignity of human life. Lets do it for the unborn babies, those that do not have a choice on whether they want to live. We can be the generation that ends abortion, that ends this degradation of both women and baby. 

Thank you everyone for reading this blog, and for your prayers. They have helped me so much throughout the summer, and for that I am eternally grateful. However, please continue to keep these women in your prayers, and for those pro-lifers out on the frontline, battling everyday for the rights of the unborn, being a voice for the vulnerable. May God protect and bless them in their mission, and may they find comfort in your prayers. 

God bless everyone.