Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thank God Two moms decided life!

 Two babies were saved, two mommies decided life today in brooklyn!! I was so nervous. I know I know Im only in training and im a ¨"newbie" to this side of counseling not the sidewalk side hah no pun intended. However to just be a part of mothers choosing life for their children has already blessed me greatly and even if no more moms decide life for the rest of the time i am here i will know that by these children having life. IT WAS WORTH IT!!! EVERY BABY IS A NW UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT BABY! I am thankful to each of the different interns I have met for showing me the ropes. Though most of them are now gone I feel as though I developed a great relationship with them in only a week. I look forward to more mothers being mothers fathers being father babies being saved born and raised and families being families. I continue to ask for constant prayer in Jesus name. I am also thankful to him for all of this for without knowing him I would have never even thought about doing this. IT IS SO WORTH IT HOWEVER!
 So keep me in your prayers please and these mommies, babies and fathers. 

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