Friday, February 24, 2012

Secret Shoppers

I used to work at a deli/bakery back home called Wheat Montana. We sold sandwiches, soup, pastries, etc, as well as loaves of Wheat Montana brand bread.

Frequently at work, the topic of "Secret," or "Mystery," Shopppers would come up. Secret Shoppers are people who are paid by a company to go into company stores to test and rate their products and services, such as ordering food from restaurants, buying shoes from shoe stores, etc. The Secret Shopper then fills out a form rating various details about his or her experience, turns it in to the company, and gets paid. (This is for real- I once applied to do it so I know.)

Every time somebody got wind that a Secret Shopper might be coming in the next few days, all the employees would be on their best behavior. We wanted good ratings & maybe even a special mention by name from the Secret Shoppers. If we got really bad ratings, we'd be in trouble and our jobs could be on the line.

If you're reading this blog, you've probably heard of Lila Rose. She's a young woman who started the organization Live Action, a group which does undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood to expose the abuse and lies inside its facilities. Through secret cameras hidden in the clothes of undercover agents, Lila's organization has discovered widespread coverups of statutory rape and child sex rings, racism, outright lies during counseling sessions, and on and on.

Of course, Planned Parenthood goes ballistic every time Lila puts out shocking new videos. They make excuses, say that she violated the clinics' privacy, deny the evidence, etc. They even started putting up posters with her picture on them inside every facility so that all the employees would know who to look for!

To me, Lila Rose and her co-investigators are like Secret Shoppers. All they're doing is testing out a product and pushing a few buttons to see how the employees will react, no different than the Secret Shoppers who came into my deli. The difference is, restaurants and shoe stores actually HIRE Secret Shoppers so that they can maintain the quality of their services and weed out all the bad employees. Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the Secret Shoppers because it has a LOT to hide! PP is corrupt to the core and that's how it stays in business- obtaining secret abortions for minors, protecting abusers, and preying on minorities.

If Planned Parenthood actually cared about women, it would be elated every time Live Action comes out with a new video! Cecile Richards (CEO) would apologize publicly for her employees' behavior and thank Lila for discovering all the shocking things its employees are doing, so that she can fire them and get rid of corruption in her organization. Maybe she'd even try to hire Lila. But instead, Planned Parenthood plays the victim of....the truth?

Video footage doesn't lie, and Planned Parenthood is scared. The United States is beginning to learn what PP is really all about, and it's obviously not about helping women. Then again, what do you expect from an organization that makes money killing babies?

***Note: If you haven't watched Live Action's videos yet, check them out, along with the fantastic Live Action blog! This site is an excellent resource for all pro-lifers:


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