Thursday, February 23, 2012

Planned Parenthood Gives 13yrd Old Abortion Without Parents' Consent

I had a 16 year old client come in for a consultation with her mother.

The first 5 minutes went like this:
Me: (To the client)So have you taken a pregnancy test yet?
Mother: She took the test and it's positive yes.
Me: Ok. (To the client)So now we need to go over the options that you have.
Mother: O no. We know we want to get an abortion.
Client: Maybe.
Me: Ok. Mom, I want to ask you if you would, to join us in our waiting area. I just want to talk a few moments alone with her if that's ok.
Mother: No problem. Which way to the waiting room?

Once I was able to speak directly with my client, with no interruptions, I found out a big piece of information. My 16 year old client informed me that she had already done a previous abortion when she was 13, but never told her mother. I asked her, "What happened after your abortion that made you so traumatized , you don't want to experience it again?" Her drawn out response, with the biggest tears I have ever seen running down her cheeks was, " I   got  depressed. "

She needed to say no more. I got it. Then I asked her where she got this abortion at such a young age without her parents' consent. She told me Planned Parenthood.

My colleague Greg Webb and I worked together on this case. We think she left there determined to not get the abortion. Please continue to pray for this case.


Fr. Peter Pilsner said...
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Fr. Peter Pilsner said...

Does anyone think that if this girl went to Planned Parenthood that a compassionate counselor would have spoken to her privately and asked, "Is this what you really want?" and then supported her TRUE choice against the pressure of her mother, perhaps even refusing to do the abortion? This case is another example of why pro-life pregnancy centers deserve support.

Pierro said...

Fr. Peter Pilsner:
I am pretty sure that when [or even IF]she were asked about a previous abortion and her feelings, and she told someone at PP she got depressed, they would have responded "we have a pill for that"