Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facing Your Fears

In an article by Life Site News titled, "I dreaded going to the abortion clinic to protest, but what happened next was incredible", by Shaun McDonnell, one man's testimony of overcoming his fears is made manifest and a new commitment to Life is born.  After making a commitment to pray in front of an abortion clinic, after being inspired by a pro life activist, Kelling Clinger, Shaun was finding it hard to follow through with it.  One day, after his bible study group session, since he was only one mile away from the abortion clinic, he felt God wanted him to go there and pray for the women.  Shaun was repelled by the idea of protesting at a clinic and every fiber in his body went against this.  However, Shaun overcame himself for the Lord and felt it was the right thing to do, and what the Lord wanted him to, to visit this abortion clinic.

When he got there he met a man by the name of John Barros, a pro life activist that spent a great deal of time trying to persuade women to keep their babies.  John was on fire and went to great lengths to get the pro life message to the women.  Shaun saw the dark reality of what is going on in our midst, the mass killing of unborn babies.  This reality made Shaun sick to his stomach and he was greatly distressed about what to do.  John was very outspoken and Shaun was very skeptical as to whether John's tactics were effective or helpful in the least. Shaun was convinced and amazed at the display of three women that day that changed their minds and chose life due to John's message.  Shaun was convinced that the Lord was at work in the brave souls that are reaching out to these desperate women.  Shaun's new message to the world is that we should commit to doing something for the pro life cause at least once in our lives, even if we don't feel like it.

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Joan_h said...

Thank you, Sean, for responding to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, thank you for saying "Yes" to God and for receiving the grace of understanding what this battle is about. Thank you for being there when these three women changed their minds and made the decision to nurture their precious babies. It may be, Sean, that your presence tipped the scale for them. We will only know when we get to Heaven. God bless you.