Saturday, January 16, 2010

Truth Women Need

Today I counseled women that came into the center in the Bronx. One of them, lets call her "Addy",came in with her 13 year old brother and said in quote,"I want to get an abortion today".
Addy is 15. Still in Highschool and is almost 7 weeks pregnant. She looked healthy and athletic. When she began talking, her broken spirit became evident. She was terrified. She admitted she made a mistake. And now she wants to correct her mistake by getting an abortion.
We talked for over an hour. We discussed her plans after school. We talked about her boyfriend. Later we got back to the discussion of abortion. I explained to her the 2 main complications that women are susceptible to after an abortion. One being the septic infection and the other being an punctured artery. I warmed her up for the video on the abortion procedures. It was after she saw this video, her mind completely changed. She said to me, "I definitely don't want to do this". I said to her, "why not?" She said, "Cause it's not the right thing. It's not the right thing to do". Amazing. All it took was one video displaying the TRUTH and not the hideous lies our society feeds girls like Addy.
I never said, "I don't think it's a good idea to get an abortion". What I did was present the facts. Present the TRUTH to this girl. And Addy, like many of the rest of them, had enough common sense to say 'no'.
After this, we discussed 2 other options : adoption or keeping the child. She ironically seemed interested in the adoption idea. Ironic because most of these girls say they could never give up their child after having it.
I asked her if she wanted to come back. She said she wanted to do that. I asked if she wanted my cell phone number and she did. She said that she would text me when she wanted to come back so that she would know for sure that I would be in the clinic in Bronx.
Thank God I decided to go to work today!

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