Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's YOUR choice, no one elses

Today I stood on the sidewalk of an abortion clinic in the Bronx, NY. I saw and spoke to many girls that walked into the clinic. One of them responded differently.

As soon as I extended a pamphlet to her and began to talk about the options she had other than abortion, she didn't turn away. She didn't agree either. What she did, was fight me. She said to me. "No, stop.....don't tell me that!" I continued, however, with the description of what her child looked like at the week she was at. Then she was obviously interested in what I was saying; otherwise, she would have just ignored me like many others and walked on into the clinic.

But there was substance in what I was saying that she understood. She got it, she KNEW what I was implying. She knew that I was giving her the TRUTH. She walked along, close to me, reading the pamphlet over my shoulder. I mentioned the cute baby clothes she could put on her baby; I told her we could provide help for her. Then, abruptly, she said to me, "I can't. I'm sorry. I have to do this." Then she opened the door to the clinic and I never saw her again.

I thought about her last comment. She had said, "I have to do this"......But do you really? WHO is making you do this? Your mom? Your boyfriend? Your girlfriends? In the end, none of the above. It's YOU that is making you do this.

These girls don't realize that it is they, THEMSELVES, who make the decision. Sadly, it is THEY who will have to deal with and live with the consequences.

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