Sunday, January 3, 2010

Abortion Culture

There is no doubt that the primary reason to reject abortion is the injustified murder that it means. However, nowadays, in the "abortion culture", we are forgetting a factor that plays a principal role in a majority of abortions: that is, responsibility. We put aside our duties, while claiming our rights. Every act has a consequence and the actor (with certain exceptions, of course) is the one responsible for that consequence.

Most women who come to our offices made a conscious choice to commit an act which could result in the conception of a baby; yet they do not want to take responsibility for their action. It is important that our society embrace a culture of life and assume responsibility for our sons and daughters, because they are the fruit of our acts, they are not the result of random acts. The primary argument, of course, is the reality that abortion involves the death of a human being. However, in addition, the culture of life must also be the culture of responsibility.

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