Saturday, January 30, 2010

I counseled a girl 2 weeks ago who came into my office,sat in the chair opposite of me, and said, "I'm pretty sure I want to have an abortion...I'm just too young. Yeah.....I do...I want an abortion". So, we talked for the next few hours hours about her exact situations and what all of her options were. She's a beautiful girl; athletic and very intelligent. I set her up an appointment for a sonogram the following week.
I see her TODAY and she brought her boyfriend with her. I asked how the sonogram went and she said well. But the 3rd thing they both said to me when they first sat down was "we think we still want to get the abortion". I asked why. They pretty much said because they are too young. They are both still in Highschool. That they want to go to college and do all these other things that they can't do if they have a kid. I got what they were saying. It made sense. It really did. Other than the fact that it would be KILLING A HUMAN BEING. I tried my hardest to emphasize that to them. That even though it would be challenging, do you want to live with that guilt? DO you want to live knowing that you killed an innocent person?
Throughout the discussion, I really wasn't getting anywhere. Finally, I decided to tell the boyfriend to go in another room where I set up a video titled "ABORTION PROCEDURES". The video is exactly what it's title is. I let him do this while I talked with her in the original room.
A miracle happened. Literally. After I talked with her and after the video was over for him, he came back into the room, sat down in a chair, and said this, "I don't want you to have an abortion. After watching that video...I don't want you to have an abortion".
Just 20 minutes prior, he said he wanted the abortion. It's interesting how the TRUTH has it's way of being POWER.
She has my number. I told both of them to come back next week. And they both left deciding that they were going to put their child up for adoption with their heads held high.
Again, it's amazing how the TRUTH has it's way of being POWER. The thing is, it's got to be put out there. And that's what I am attempting to do.

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