Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Disappointing Contrast

Many times we tend to think that our reality is shared by all. For example, if global warming is the main topic of my conversation, I will assume that the rest of the world is also discussing climate change; or if all my relatives and friends play football, I will assume that all the people play that and are fans of that sport. But that is not always true; furthermore, in other places the ways of looking at life are pretty different. In the case of abortion, its social acceptance is very diverse depending on the area. Abortion is not legal in all countries; and, furthermore, there are many people all around the world who perceive clearly the horrible crime that it is.
My personal experience is an example. I am from Chile, and I could not imagine a place in which the killing of babies was considered a normal activity. However, when I came to the U.S., I had to recognize the diversity of our world; while in Chile the punishment for the mother, doctor, and accomplices of an abortion is many years in jail, here there are abortuaries in every borough. Despite this disappointing contrast, my country is not an isolated place. I came from South America, and in Central America there are also countries against abortion. Many African countries also prohibit abortion. Islamic countries are completely against abortion, Muslims punish it severely. In Oceania, New Zealand law is also against abortion. That is just a general view; do not think that the "culture of death" is all over the world, because there are many societies that are proud to protect the child and, furthermore, benefit from a prolife attitude.

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