Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bottle of water

This week, being outside the abortion mill, doing the sidewalk counselling, I experienced the kindness of the local people. I had different people bringing me a bottle of water every day. Through our constante presence there, we have developed a friendly relationship with those who pass by on a daily basis, who have known by now that we are not "protesters", that we really care for those women and their babies, that we are trying to reach them by all means... I have founded that is very good oportunity to raise concience in the local community of what is going on there. As we go on a regular basis, we get the chance to get familiar with the faces of the people who live in the area, who wonder what are we doing there, standing there so many hours a day. Sometimes people, who are just passing by, stop and ask us what is going on, and we have the opportunity to inform them and give them brochures.

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