Saturday, August 8, 2009

Be Gone, Satan!

Today, I went to Dr. Emily's Abortion Clinic. Because 40 Days for Life is fast approaching, the clinic has recently had clinic escorts at each of the entrances. These escorts are from a pro-choice feminist organization that is strongly against pro-lifers to an extreme. Because we are supposed to love our enemies, I try to be friendly to these escorts, but I get scorn in return. Usually this does not matter to me, but today, their hatred (because that is what they have, pure hatred for us) began to get me depressed. I could hardly even say a Rosary because I kept on getting distracted.

I was getting even more discouraged when suddenly, I looked down the sidewalk and saw two men in gray robes walking toward us. Immediately, I grabbed a nearby intern's arm and exclaimed, "The monks are here!" The Capuchin Franciscans of the Renewal had arrived at Dr. Emily's! Immediately, the brothers introduced themselves to the lead escort, but she was very rude to them in return. They then walked over to us, and we began talking. It wasn't long before the lead escort came up behind us, and said to one of the brothers, "You are in my way. You are blocking the sidewalk. You need to move." The brother looked around. The sidewalk was huge and we were not blocking the path so the brother replied, "We are not blocking the path. You can go around us." The escort repeated herself, "You need to move. You are blocking my path." The brother repeated, "No, I am not. You can go around us." The escort seemed to get even angrier and said, "I need to get through!" as if we were blocking the sidewalk. The brother moved perhaps a few inches, leaving enough space between us so she could walk through us. "You are still blocking my path!"" The brother then said in an authoritative voice, "Be gone!" Immediately, the escort walked away, leaving us be! I was so surprised that she had obeyed. What a sense of authority the brothers had! This scene encouraged me greatly, and I was able to better counsel for the rest of the day.

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