Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Behind the scenes

My Mom used to say that good experiences never end if there is something that reminds you about them. In a few days well go back to Spain and this is going to be our last blog post. But, although we are leaving, we take with us all those wonderful things we have learnt this summer and all those babies we have saved.

This last post is not about what we have learnt, nor about the babies we have saved, but about who made our internship possible. Us, the interns, are the ones that write posts on the blog every week talking about what we are doing, and we are the ones that say every day after work “I saved a baby’s life today”, we are the ones being thanked by the people in the street when giving out pamphlets, and we are the ones being thanked by those Moms when their babies are born, we are the ones called… ‘heroes’. But we are not. The true heroes hide behind the scenes. With their day to day work, and their smiling face, they make our internship possible. They are the ones that should be called heroes, not just because of what they do, but because they do it without asking for anything in return. That’s the reason we are writing this post. We want to thank those heroes. Thank you Chris, Liz, Carmen, Kathy, Linda, Kathy, Wadiya for making all this possible

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