Saturday, December 3, 2011

The wisher

I was at the queens office when a lady walks in saying she wants a abortion after a while of talking she had told me she was praying for one day have a baby but when she was ready. So I say well it looks like your prayers have been answer,but she said she wasn't ready to be a mom yet there are things she wanted to have before having a baby.after showing her the video and talking she left still undecied on what she wanted to do. She told me she was going to go to church pray on what she should do .So a couple of hours later she call me and as soon as I answer she starts to cry. I asked what was wrong why was she crying so hard after a couple of mins she says "am going to keep it" I told that was great and what had changed so mind specially so fast. She had left the office only a couple of hours. She said she ask god to give her a sign she should keep the baby, so I ask what was the sign she asked for she said that it was if she call the center and I picked up it was god telling her to keep the baby. I ask why would you ask for that. She reply by saying " I saw you where busy with other girls who where coming in the center, therefor the chances of you picking up a call was going to be small but you did thank you"   

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